What is a Consulting Engineer?

A consulting engineer is an expert in the planning, design, and construction of both public and private infrastructures. The consulting engineering profession is aimed to benefit the whole of society, through the application of safer, cleaner, and more efficient foundations. With varied backgrounds, consulting engineers may have civil, structural, or mechanical and electrical expertise. Engagement of a consulting engineer is most advantageous when a project has a specific goal, or when expertise is needed to examine or solve a problem. In the building sector, the role of a consulting engineer is indispensable when development or performance is in question.


What Does a Consulting Engineer Do?

Consulting engineers are licensed professionals with diverse qualifications, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, chemical, industrial, and agricultural disciplines. At consulting engineering firms, teams of knowledgeable experts can fill many distinctive educational, technical, and mechanical roles that can help to solve or prevent any problems. Consulting engineers may design an entire project, or they might be responsible for only one component of the design, depending on the need. Their support can be provided throughout the whole process, from inception to completion, in order to facilitate the best solutions.


When architects and builders face technical challenges, or when buildings require improved performance, consulting engineers can assist with the entire framework, such as design analysis, construction details and future structural support. When you hire a consulting engineer, important feedback can be provided, such as material limitations and design weaknesses, offering the kind of insights that will help to optimise the entire project. Consulting engineers bring innovative, quality design that can have a positive impact on construction, operation and maintenance expenses. Whether in preparation of a new design or the rehabilitation of an existing infrastructure, consulting engineers can make the end product much simpler and more cost effective to achieve.

Guidelines for Selecting a Consulting Engineer

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2. Selection Criteria
3. Conditions of Engagement