Public Consultation on the 2019 amendment to Technical Guidance Document C, 1997< back to news

The Minister for Housing and Urban Development Mr. Damien English, T.D., has announced a public consultation on his intention to amend Technical Guidance Document C 1997 (Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture) to take account of the latest version of S.R.21 and the guidance on placement (use) of hardcore.

The Report of the Pyrite Panel (June 2012) recommended that the standard related to the use of hardcore material in dwellings and buildings be updated to include specific testing, certification and traceability for hardcore material to be used in dwellings and in buildings other than dwellings.

Since technical guidance of this standard is contained in Technical Guidance Document C, TGD C, the report also recommended that following the publication of such a standard, the Department should review the TGD C and issue amendments where necessary.

The revision of the standard was completed following a public consultation process and the revised standard, S.R.21:2014 + A1:2016, was published in 2016.

The proposed 2019 amendment to TGD C, is to take account of the latest version of the standard.


The Public Consultation can be found at the following link: