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Consult Australia's Model Client Policy

Today Consult Australia has launched its Model Client Policy calling on all political parties to ensure that the governments they lead, or support, behave ethically, fairly, and honestly in their dealings with the private sector.

We are asking that government clients at all levels adopt our Model Client Policy, which complements governments’ long-standing obligation to act as ‘model litigants’.

Being a ‘model client’ means working collaboratively with industry on projects, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. It formalises governments’ intent to do things better by putting clear obligations in place.

Practically, this step will make governments a more attractive client for industry to work with, will be a positive force on business confidence, and in turn will attract greater numbers and better quality tenders for work. This also sets the tone for each project and the individu als involved, given that disputes typically arise because of up-front issues and behavioural factors.

Consult Australia believes that the adoption of a Model Client Policy will result in significant benefits for governments in their role both as client, and in setting the standard of behaviour for the rest of industry to follow.

You can support this initiative by sharing the Model Client Policy with your colleagues and clients.


The Model Client Policy paper is available here.