Apply for Company Membership

Welcome to our online membership application.
Before you proceed, please read the following instructions:

  1. Download the two applications forms and complete with all the information requested

       Company Membership Application Form - MConsEI
       Fellow Membership Application Form - FConsEI

  2. Accept ACEI Terms & Conditions
  3. Provide Company contact details (note: the email address you provide here will be used for communication with ACEI and as a login user for the new account on approval of application)
  4. Provide your Company details and upload the completed application form 
  5. Provide your FConsEI details and upload the completed application forms with supporting information in one pdf docuement

The firm applying for ACEI membership must:
 - Agree to abide by (1) ACEI Constitution and (2) Code of Conduct
 - Have been in practice as an engineering consultancy for at least three years
 - Be managed by at least one ACEI Fellow Professional Consulting Engineer (FConsEI), whose application should be submitted with the company membership application
 - Have good professional reputation and ethical standards
 - Be primarily engaged in providing technology based intellectual services
 - Not be owned by a contracting, manufacturing or state organisation
 - Maintain appropriate PI Insurance

  I have read the requirements for eligibility to make this membership application to ACEI and agree to adhere to the requirements of the ACEI Constitution and Code of Conduct.