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    Christopher Ryan
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    Project of the Year
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    CCS Study to Process and Store co2
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    Cork / Dublin
  • Commencement date:
    August 2021
  • Completion Date:
    June 2022
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The winner of the 2023 ACEI Project of the Year is the Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Study to Process and Store CO2. Ireland's Climate Action Plan sets out objectives to reduce CO2 emissions including the need 'to examine and oversee the feasibility of the use of Carbon Capture in Ireland.' This project assesses the viability and cost of providing Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) facilities in Dublin & Cork to facilitate the capture of 5% of the country's CO2 emissions. The work includes the preliminary design of a CO2 gathering network, a Central Processing Facility (CPC), ship loading facilities, process engineering and safety processes along with both initial capital and annual operating cost estimating. The project is considered to be a highly significant move in the State’s efforts to reach both current and future climate targets. This project was part funded under the EU Connecting Europe Fund (CEF). It is a unique study which has relevance to the CCS industry worldwide, with findings presented to the Global CCS Association and UK CCS Association in September & October 2022.