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  • Contact Name:
    Shane Collins
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  • Project Category:
    Project Management Category
  • Project Group:
project details:
  • Name of the project:
    Digital Manufacturing Ireland (DMI)
  • Location:
    National Technology Park, Limerick, Ireland
  • Commencement date:
    June 2018
  • Completion Date:
    October 2022
  • Client:
    IDA Ireland
project description:

Digital Manufacturing Ireland (DMI) is an industry-led, Government supported, National Centre which will enable firms to access, adopt and accelerate new digital technologies to solve real world challenges and drive future competitiveness. The centre aims to position Ireland as an exemplar in end-to-end digital transformation. The building includes support offices and break out spaces to encourage collaborative work practices. The consultant visited similar facilities in the UK at an early stage of the project development to identify current best practice and provided a wide range of services including design team project management, stakeholder liaison and regulatory approval management.