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Update 13 April 2021: Publication of Supplementary Note 4 - Public Health Measures

On 30 March 2021, the Government announced the phased easing of the public health measures first introduced in January 2021. Amongst other measures, these regulations require the continued closure of all non-essential construction sites until 4 May 2021. Certain categories of construction project will, however, be permitted to re-start works from 12 April 2021.

In consideration of the financial burden this further period of site closure will place on Contractors, the OGP has today published a note recommending that Employers consider extending the ex gratia relief previously proposed by the OGP until 4 May 2021 (or, if earlier, the permitted date of site re-opening).

This note is the fourth in a sequence of notes supplementing guidance first published by the OGP on 12 February 2021 and provides guidance for all contracts entered into either before, on, or after 14 April 2020.

Further information on Supplementary Note 4 – January 2021 Public Health Measures is available here.