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A survey of 50 multinational companies, carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes during the period 26 April – 9 May 2018 found overwhelming support for Ireland's professional qualifications and standards.  Professional skills and expertise emerged as the single most important factor for multinational companies when choosing a professional service provide in Ireland.  

88% of companies felt that professional qualifications are important in inspiring trust and confidence when recruiting staff in Ireland, while 94% felt professional qualifications give them confidence in terms of the standards of individuals they are recruiting or hiring.  The survey was undertaken on behalf of 11 leading professional bodies, these include:

Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland
Association of Optometrists Ireland
CPA Ireland
Engineers Ireland
Institute of Directors (IoD) in Ireland
Irish Dental Association
Irish Pharmacy Union
Irish Tax Institute
Law Society of Ireland
Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland
Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

A key objective of the research was to understand the link between multinational company choices and the availability of skilled people with professional skills was identified as a key objective of this research. The results highlight the high levels of trust by multinationals in Irish professional qualifications and standards.

82% of multinationals said the availability of skilled people is an important factor when deciding whether to invest in Ireland.  Professional qualifications and standards are central to the future supply of talent in Ireland and the continued investment by multinationals in this country.  Professional bodies and their members are a significant component of the skills supply in Ireland and a key educator and developer of its future economic lifeblood.

80% of the senior executives in the multinationals surveyed equate professional qualifications/membership of professional bodies with 'international best practice'

The significant and ongoing investment in education by Ireland's professional bodies fully reflects the priorities in the National Planning Framework, which focuses on a knowledge-based economy, education and technological innovation.  The value of professional qualifications and international standards of Ireland's professions come into even sharper focus in light of the OECD declaration that skills have become the global currency of the 21st century.