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The Government has announced the phased easing of public health restrictions with “all residential construction” as well as “early-learning and childcare projects” restarting  the 12th of April; with “full reopening of construction activity” on the 4th of May 2021.

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Below for information:

  • Circular Letter BC02-2021, Date: 1 April 2021, RE: Building Control (Commencement Notices) (Residential and Childcare Services Construction) Regulations 2021, (S. I. No. 156 of 2021).

Extract from Memo Date: Friday, 09 April 2021, From: Pat Nestor, Senior Building Surveyor, To: Building Control (DCC) Re: Phased relaxation of public health restrictions on construction sites 

With this phased reopening of construction after a three month pause we need to be particularly aware of the following:

  1. Commencement Notices (Building Control Regulations):

The easement of time period in which a project the subject of an existing valid Commencement Notice may commence without the submission on a new Notice- refer to 156 of 2021.

  1. Construction & Compliances (Building Regulations):
    1. Compliance with the requirements of the relevant building regulations (health, safety and welfare of people in or about buildings)  for these projects is paramount and it is important to maintain and/or re-activate visibility on site.
    2. Inspection plans -may need to make contact with the Assigned Certifiers to request a review and have an updated plan submitted to the BCMS.
    3. Where construction has commenced -you may need to request that due-diligence is carried out to ensure that there is no weathering/deterioration of building elements; builders and designers need to satisfy themselves that all materials and workmanship are still fit for use in the conditions that they were intended for.
    4. There may be an urgency/pressure for completion of these projects with excessive construction speed -but it is very important that this is not done at the expense of compliance with the relevant requirements of the building regulations and it may be that some Building Control Officers will come under some pressure in this regard.

Therefore, as always we need to firm but fair and proportionate in the carrying out our Building Control duties and in our response to this reopening of construction, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in or about buildings.