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In the early hours of the 14 June 2017, a fire broke out in a flat in Grenfell Tower, North Kensington, London. The fire developed rapidly, spreading upwards and sideways along the exterior of the building and engulfing the floors above the fire, and tragically claimed 72 lives.

In the immediate aftermath of this event, Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy, T.D. directed the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management in his Department to convene a national Fire Safety Task Force to consider the potential for a similar tragedy in this country and to review and make recommendations on fire safety in Ireland.

The Task force report “Fire Safety in Ireland - Report of Fire Safety Task Force” was published on 6th June 2018

It contains a summary of conclusions and recommendations under a number of headings including Fire Fatalities in Ireland; The Systems Approach to Fire Safety; Local Authority Fire Services; Legislative Responsibility for Fire Safety; Fire Safety in Dwellings, including multi-storey, multi-unit social housing; and Fire Safety in Medium and High Rise Buildings. 

The Task Force summary is available here.

The complete report is available here.